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cover - Dark Spaces

In a new departure for Alan Gibbons he has authored a selection of ghost and horror stories to be sold directly into schools.

There are seven stories about vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies, ouija boards, even mysterious black bugs from another dimension.

You can order your copy by .

Caboodle Books, 978-0-9559711-4-3


cover - Darwin

How did Charles Darwin become one of the greatest scientists of all
time? What was life like on the five year voyage around the world that
gave him his ideas? What was the real man like? This beautiful picture
book will provide you with some of the answers.

Kingfisher, October 2008, 978-0753462515


cover - The Demon Assassin


Out this summer from Alan Gibbons: the Demon Assassin.

In Book Two of the Hell's Underground series, Paul Rector begins his quest through time to root out evil from London's dark heart. He finds himself plunged into the middle of great events that will decide the future of civilisation for generations to come. It is the London Blitz. Hitler's air force, the Luftwaffe, is pounding a great city. Somewhere an assassin is on the loose. His task? To kill the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and bring the United Kingdom to its knees. King Lud, Lord of Demons, sees his chance. Can he change history and break free of his chains? If he does, the future of the world will take a dramatic turn.


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