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cover - Hate

ISBN 9781780621760 (Indigo)

In 2007 Sophie Lancaster was murdered just for looking different. She dressed alternatively. Some people say as a Goth. Inspired by her story, HATE is a hard-hitting real-life thriller about friendship, courage, loss, forgiveness and about our society and communities.

Eve's older sister, Rosie, was bright and alive and always loved being the centre of attention. Then one day, she is brutally murdered. Six months later, Eve meets Antony and discovers that he was there the night Rosie died and did nothing to help. Is there any way she can ever get past that?

Inspired by the tragic murder of Sophie Lancaster, which saw Sophie and her partner Rob viciously attacked in Stubbylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire because of the way they dressed, this is a hard-hitting real-life thriller about friendship, courage, loss, forgiveness and about our society and communities.


cover - An Act of Love

An Act of Love
ISBN 978 1 8425 5782 2(Orion)
2011 (£8.99 pbk)

Chris and Imran are childhood friends, but they have drifted apart. The reason? The explosive events around them that have created a whirlpool of danger. This is the war on terror. It leads them into violence, danger and an examination of what life and friendship really are.


cover - Rib Ticklers

Rib Ticklers
ISBN 9-780956523969 (Caboodle Books)
2010 (£5.99)

This is a schools edition only available directly from

Everyone is familiar with the classic tales of Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk and Robin Hood, but do we really know the true story?

Award winning author Alan Gibbons puts his own twist on these much-loved tales and will have you roaring with laughter as you discover the secrets behind the fairytale world you thought you knew..

cover - The Dying Photo

The Dying Photo
978-1-84299-919-6 (Barrington Stoke)
July 2010

A Strange man takes a photo of Jimmy's family. As the camera flashes, Jimmy's parents vanish. The only clue is a picture of his mum and dad screaming.

Jimmy is alone. Nobody believes him. Is he going mad? Or can Jimmy find the man who took his parents from him- and get them back?

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cover - Dark Spaces

Dark Spaces
Caboodle Books,

In a new departure for Alan Gibbons he has authored a selection of ghost and horror stories to be sold directly into schools.

There are seven stories about vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies, ouija boards, even mysterious black bugs from another dimension.

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cover - Darwin

Charles Darwin
978-0753462515 (Kingfisher)
October 2008

How did Charles Darwin become one of the greatest scientists of all time? What was life like on the five year voyage around the world that gave him his ideas? What was the real man like? This beautiful picture book will provide you with some of the answers.


cover - Night Hunger
Night Hunger
1842995634 (Barrington Stoke)
New edition April 2008 (paperback)

This is Alan Gibbons' re-telling of the werewolf myth with a stunning new jacket.

cover - The Number 7 Shirt
The Number 7 Shirt
184299536 (Barrington Stoke)
May 2008 (paperback)

The story of a boy's struggle to become a professional footballer. Will the advice of his invisible friends, five Manchester United greats, help him achieve his dream?

cover - Rise of the Blood MoonRise of the Blood Moon
1842551787 (Orion Children's Books)

384 pages (July 6, 2006)

Stunning new fantasy sequence from the author of the Blue Peter Book Award winning Shadow of the Minotaur.

It has always been this way. The Helati are slaves. Each month, at the full moon, they are expelled to face the demon host, the Lost Souls. But something has changed in the fabric of the times. The demons are controlled by a new master, the Darkwing. Now the danger is permanent, the horror incessant. In a southern port, however, a fourteen year old slave girl, oblivious of her destiny, holds the key to ending the nightmare of the Lost Souls. But will she ever understand the secret that is hidden deep in her memory, the secret of the Black Tower? Alan Gibbons' latest novel is an epic fantasy that takes you through a fabled land, reminiscent of a mythical ancient India. On a roller-coaster ride you will meet shape-shifters, demons, magic, tyrants, an evil lord who is master of the living dead and countless fighters for evil...and for good.


cover - Setting of a Cruel SunSetting of a Cruel Sun
1842551795 (Orion Children's Books)

The second and concluding volume of the Lost Souls Stories, a thrilling sequel to Rise of the Blood Moon.
384 pages (Setpember 7th, 2006)

The Helat rebels think they have broken the demon lord's power and are ready to challenge their master, the Sol-ket.

But the Darkwing is merely biding his time and the Sol-ket will fight to their last breath to keep control of their golden cities. The power of the slaves is mounting as they rise to fulfil once-forbidden prophecies. When the Darkwing returns for the final onslaught, is anyone, soldier or slave, equipped to defeat him- especially as the cruel sun sets, beckoning a devastatingly relentless winter? A brilliant continuation of the journey, begun in Rise of the Blood Moon, the novel also stands alone, with its own twists, turns and surprises for characters and readers alike. Be prepared for changes of allegiance, surprise new arrivals and sudden deaths. Page-turning and unpredictable from start to finish.


Hold on
(1842551760 Orion)

Glass breaks because it is fragile.
You don't blame the glass for breaking.
A heart breaks because it is fragile.
So why blame the heart for breaking?
Why break me?

John Sorrel.

cover - Hold On

Bullying pushes John Sorrel to the point of destruction.
How can his friend Annie make sense of his decision
to take his own life. Alan Gibbons' latest, most challenging, story.


Blood Pressure, cover

Blood Pressure
(184255199X) Orion
At fifteen years old, you find out that your life is a lie. The man who brought you up isn't your real father. The revelation plunges you into the Liverpool underworld. You witness gun law, drugs, vendettas. How would you cope?

That is the question posed in Blood Pressure.


On Higher Ground
A powerful anthology of 15 stories about the real-life experiences of children from all the regions affected by the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. Each child’s story, retold by a different well-known children’s author, is followed by a short update of the child’s progress by an aid-worker.

The book is positive, inspirational and forward-looking. It tells incredible stories of bravery and survival and looks at how the global aid effort has affected the childreninvolved

Foreword by

Michael Morpurgo said: ‘This book will serve to help fund long term reconstruction projects that are so vital to the future of all the people living in those far away lands where the tsunami hit. Such a book is a fine and important thing.’

The book is sold in aid of five children’s charities:

Unicef, Save the Children, Y Care International, SOS Children, Handicap International

Price: £4.99 ISBN 1844585816
For more information, you can visit

Order from Amazon UK


The Defender
(ISBN 1842550985) Orion
When a teenage boy discovers two burly strangers at the house asking for his father, little does he know that his life and his father's are in peril. A page-turning thriller set against the background of Northern Ireland's legacy of violence.

Gibbons deserves to be recognized as a national treasure
The Bookseller.
...a powerful and very well written thriller.
Books for Keeps
Alan Gibbons' fiction is always very visual, but The Defender... is one of his tightest


cover pic THE DARK BENEATHA Dolphin Paperback (Orion Children's Books)
The Dark Beneath
(2003) ISBN 1-84255-097-7
GCSEs are over and sixteen-year-old Imogen is looking forward to a perfect, lazy English summer. But her world is turned upside down when she meets Farid, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. She learns that the fabric of normal life can tear apart exposing the dark beneath. And who is watching her with such menacing intensity?


cover pic - THE LOST BOYS APPRECIATION SOCIETYPublished by Orion Children's Books
The Lost Boys' Appreciation Society
(ISBN 1-84255-095-0)
When Mum dies in a car crash Gary, John and Dad have to rebuild their lives. It is a bigger challenge than any of them could have imagined.


cover pic CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIREPublished by Orion Children's Books
Caught in The Crossfire
(2003) ISBN 1842550969
The shockwaves from 11 September sweep through the northern town of Oakfield. The activities of the Patriotic League set Oakfield's communities on collision course. Six youngsters will be caught up in the tragic events that follow. Suitable: upper KS2, KS3



The Legendeer Trilogy:Suitable : upper KS2, KS3
coverpic SHADOW OF THE MINOTAUR Shadow of the Minotaur
(1999) ISBN 1858817218
Blue Peter Book Award-winning story of Phoenix, the son of a computer geek, whose new virtual reality game is just a bit too real. Phoenix becomes Theseus pursued by the Minotaur in a life-and-death struggle. Vampyr Legion and Warriors of the Raven complete the award-winning trilogy.
Vampyr Legion
(2000) ISBN 1858818354
Warriors of the Raven
(2001) ISBN 1842550012


coverpic JULIE AND ME AND MICHAEL OWEN MAKES THREE Julie and Me and Michael Owen Makes Three
(2001) ISBN 1842550489
When Man United fan Terry sees Julie it is love at first sight. Just one problem : she's a Liverpool supporter ! Try the sequel too : Julie and Me : Treble Trouble.
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Julie and Me: Treble Trouble
(2002) ISBN 1842550772
Suitable : upper KS2, KS3.


coverpic THE EDGE The Edge
(2002) ISBN 1-84255-094-2
Danny and his mother go on the run to escape domestic violence but when they arrive on the Edgecliffe estate it is out of the frying pan and into the fire. What's more, the vicious Chris Kane is on their trail.
Suitable : upper KS2, KS3.

The Total Football series: Suitable : upper KS2, KS3.
Some You Win (1997) ISBN 1858813697
Under Pressure (1997) ISBN 1858813670
Divided We Fall (1998) ISBN 1858815851
Injury Time (1998) ISBN 1858815630
Power Play (1998) ISBN 1858815665
Last Man Standing (1998) ISBN 1858815614
Twin Strikers (1999) ISBN 1858815681
Final Countdown (1999) ISBN 1848816610

coverpic CHICKEN Chicken
(1994) ISBN 1858810515
Davy's family are chicken. This comic novel is about being an outsider, being bullied, fighting for your place.
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Ganging Up
(1996) ISBN 1858811945
The story of two friends who are torn apart when one of them gets involved in a local gang.
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Playing With Fire (1997) ISBN 1858813859
Kev McGovern has a secret. When it comes out he has to fight for his future.
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Street of Tall People (1996) ISBN 1858811937
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Whose Side Are You On ? (1994) ISBN 1858810531
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Dagger in the Sky (1994) 1858810523
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3.

Not Yeti (1998) 185881068X
Suitable : Upper KS2, KS3..

Published by Collins Pathways - suitable for KS2
When My Ship Came in - Big Book. (1998) ISBN 0003014592
When My Ship Came In (1995) ISBN 0003011682
Grandad's Ears (1994) ISBN 0003010562
Hattie Hates Hats (1994) ISBN 0003011062
Climbing Boys (1995) ISBN 0003012506
City of Fire (1995) ISBN 0003012255

Published by Save The Children
A Fight to Belong (1999) ISBN 1899120815
Suitable KS2, KS3.

Published by Collins Cascades
Jaws of the Dragon (1993) ISBN 0003300803

Published by Heinemann Windmills
Chicken (1993) ISBN 0460881892

Published by Barrington Stoke (for reluctant readers)
The Cold Heart of Summer (2002) ISBN 1842990802
The Night Hunger (2004) ISBN 1842991493)
A fourteen year old boy suffers growing pains. Nothing unusual about that. But why does it affect him most of all on the night of the full moon? Horror in a quick-read format from Alan Gibbons
The Greatest (1-84299-390-9)
Chris is the best boxer in the county. He's been picking on Ali for ages. Now Ali has to stand up for himself, just like Muhammad Ali, his hero. It's time to go in....and win?


Published by Chivers' Audio Books
Shadow of the Minotaur ISBN 075405268.

All these titles are available from good bookshops, Books for Students, Peters, Askews,, BOL, WH Smith internet service, etc, or from Littlehampton Book Services ( Tel : 01903 828800).


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